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          ARE THE NATIONS MOST RESPECTED                                MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS

ACADEMIC MEDICAL EXPERTS provides unrivaled medico-legal case support and personalized service across all U.S. geographies



ACADEMIC MEDICAL SPECIALISTS provides only the highest degree of quality and service in all aspects of client's medical and medico-legal needs. As an exclusive boutique firm, AMS leads the industry by providing unrivaled case support and personalized service. A dedicated team member is waiting to assist you with any medico-legal case across the ENTIRE UNITED STATES and encompassing ALL MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SPECIALITIES. Starting at medical record review and proceeding all the way to trial, AMS is your one-stop resource for all medico-legal matters including Independent Medical Exams (IMEs). One point of contact from start to finish also ensures your case gets the personal attention it requires.

ACADEMIC MEDICAL SPECIALISTS are the nation’s most respected medical professionals



All of our ACADEMIC MEDICAL SPECIALISTS are guaranteed to be 100% board-certified, full-time practicing, and holding a professorial position on the faculty of a MAJOR UNIVERSITY. Each specialist’s review is informed by a dedication to the practice of medicine and a lifetime commitment to learning. Not only do ACADEMIC MEDICAL SPECIALISTS practice clinically, they are on the cutting edge of medical research and practice - because they are the ones publishing innovative RESEARCH and practice changes – all while TEACHING the CURRENT STANDARD to the next generation of medical professionals. In the rapidly changing landscape of clinical practice, having the support of ACADEMIC MEDICAL SPECIALISTS ensures knowledge of the most current STANDARD OF CARE because they are developing, publishing, and teaching it!

ACADEMIC MEDICAL SPECIALISTS adds unrivaled support for tremendous value



After contacting ACADEMIC MEDICAL SPECIALISTS, your dedicated case liaison will review every aspect of your case, listen to your concerns, and personally contact exceptional, and carefully screened, specialists. There is never any fee until you approve and proceed with your Academic Specialist. At that time, a FLAT FEE retainer guarantees a thorough review of your case and preliminary opinion. If the opinion finds no fault, expense to you and your firm is capped. If your specialist finds your case has merit and it proceeds, subsequent work follows a STANDARDIZED RATE. In that sense, you’ll always know expenses in advance of the work being started. Your dedicated case liaison remains to assist your firm in coordinating document delivery, ensuring timely communication with your Academic Specialist, and handling all billing aspects.

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